My name is Halldór Andri Bjarnason but you can call me Dóri. I create visuals of all kinds. I am an Art Director, Visual Designer and Illustrator. I am currently working in the games industry based in Stockholm, Sweden. I am constantly pursuing new things and love to take on new and exciting challenges.

Below is a collection of selected works.



Godsrule: War of Mortals

Godsrule is a browser-based cross-platform fantasy MMOG published by SEGA. The main goal is to develop and build your own town and train units to battle other players from the opposing faction.
I worked as an Art Director and Lead Artist on the project, as well as tackling UI/UX, animation, illustrating characters, concepts and in-game icons.

The project has been discontinued and is no longer online.


Role: Art Director / Lead Artist
Developer: Gogogic
Publisher: Sega


Tiny Places

In Tiny Places, players guide Napoleon the Chameleon through a series of platform-puzzles. Using only Napoleon’s super-elastic and sticky chameleon tongue to swing from peg to peg, players need to avoid dangerous obstacles and dodge falling objects while collecting stars and points as they complete mind-twisting puzzles to help Napoleon escape from all the Tiny Places he is placed in.
I worked as an Art Director on the project as well as illustrating much of the artwork, UI and in game assets.

The game is available in the iOS app store for older iOS versions.


Role: Art Director / Lead Artist
Developer: Gogogic
Publisher: Big Fish Games


Soft Freak Fiesta

Soft Freak Fiesta is a multiplayer game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where players can play head-to-head via Bluetooth or WiFi and immerse themselves in bumpy cartoony action for hours on end. This title was the first iOS title I worked on and notably one of the first true multiplayer games for iOS devices.
The game has been discontinued and is no longer available on the App Store.


Role: Art Director / Lead Artist
Developer: Gogogic


Visual Design

Hype Machine

Hype Machine helps people all around the world discover new music by tracking a variety of mp3 blogs. Hype Machine for iOS is an app for music lovers on the go, with a intuitive and simple UI that makes it easy to follow music trends.

Hype Machine is available on the App Store.


Role: Visual Design / UI
Client: Hype Machine inc.

dk Mobile

dk Mobile is an iOS cash register that works as a companion app for the company's complete POS solution. It allows store and restaurant owners to quickly accept in-store sales and invoice their customers.

dk Mobile is only available for authorized users.


Role: Visual Design / UI
Client: dk Hugbúnaður ehf.

XPS Network

The XPS Network is the professional choice for personal trainers and their clients, coaches and athletes in all sports. It focuses on the key coaching elements of communication, accountability and planning. It brings all of these elements together in your everyday work tool that is easy to learn and easy to use.
The XPS Network is available on desktop, as a mobile app and a web client.


Role: Visual Design / UI
Client: Sideline Sports

Logo Design

A selection of some of the logos I have worked on for various brands and products.


Client: Multiple clients

Icon Design

I have worked on icons for various websites, apps and products. Some of these are for game concepts and some just for fun.


Client: Multiple clients



A World Without Mothers

A children’s book about what our world would look like if we didn’t have our awesome moms around to tell us all the little things.
The book has been published as a printed hardcopy and as an iBook on the iTunes store.


Role: Illustrator
Client: Flippo Interactive / Ced Funches



Here are some various illustrations, mostly done for games and game concepts.


Some of the clients I have worked with